Undiscovered Youtubers

*this is not sponsoring, trust me nobody ever hired me for sponsor*

Have you ever feel just tired of being known just a few super duper “fancy popular youtuber” that everybody know ? Have you ever feel bored of those all-similar-type-of-vid-over-and-over-again ? (no offense)

💫 Jem 💫

💫 not only a great source of motivation for study but i’m surely that you’re gonna automatically fall for her unique style of editing.

💫the music in her videos are “👌” on point (pretty sure you can’t find out the music she used but you can dirpy it)

💥Jasmine Rossol💥

💥oh my god, her editing is so amazing, and you should probably check out her what’s on my iphone vid .

💥i will say that her videos are pretty normal, not too fancy, not too ‘trying to be related’.

✨ Squishyturtorialsx ✨

link to her channel 

✨if you’re interested in editing then go ahead and subscribe to squishy,

✨her videos’s editing was not too special but the content is rich and i feel like i know literally everything about editing when I watch her vids.

✨she has some really cool life hacks and turtorials that will be really useful if you like editing or just simply love to explore new stuff.


I’m gonna end this blog here.

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Author: jennykryst

just a girl with many many (many) thoughts

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