Guide Pack: Recover after Bad Exam

Hi, if you’re reading this while you’re desperatedly waiting for exam result and you know it’ll not be ‘as good as how much effort you’ve spent’, i got you girl (or guy). Believe me, you don’t even need to read this blog to learn how to get through it, like, you’ll defenitely get through it naturally but I just want to write a few lines to help you feel related and may help you feel better. 

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Bad exam *erm*, it happens everybody, like literally every single one. You’re sad, well that’s normal. I admit I’m not the best one at cheering someone up or even cheering myself. But when I have bad exam, I just usually think about how much I’ve tried and what I gain after that bad exam. “If you didn’t make that mistake, will you ever have a chance to recognize it ?” Maybe yes, maybe no but just take it as your luck that you’ve recognized it early, then you’ll not make it again in your later more important exam.

So why would you’re so sad about it ? Many reasons explain it, but mainly, because you feel like you’re disappointing. You disappointed your parents, your teacher (blah blah) and most important, yourself. Nothing’s worse than making a mistake that you don’t even know how or why you did that. But you know what ? It’s over, it’s not that you’ve already losen but being sad doesn’t count in the exam. Yup and you still feel sad. But you will better very soon because you have to know, i don’t how or what have you done with your exam but I’m sure that you’ve tried your best so, whatever happens, won’t matters.

There’s absolutely nothing to regret.

I’m not usually regretting. To be clear, I’ve never regreted about whatever I’ve done. It’s not because I’ve never made mistake or never failed but I always do my best, do my most properly. 

Sometimes, it’s just the matter of luck.

We don’t have the ability to know the future (but I think sometimes I do have ?), so being missing a little bit of luck is normal. Once, I was considering between answers A and B, and I bet the whole class don’t know what’s the exact answer, I chose A, someone else chose B. Unfortunately, A was wrong. See, sometimes, it’s just the matter of luck.

What I usually do to refresh myself :

  • Take a nap: a quick nap (or hibernating sometimes) is the best meditation .
  • If you can’t nap, take a bath or just simply wash your face (water will wake you up).
  • Watch your favorite movie (i mean by a movie not a series)
  • Learning what you actually interested in and you’re good at.
  • Drink lots of water (it’s good for health btw)

~ Okay, I’ll end it right here. Hope you’re feeling better now.




Goblin : the most beautiful ❇❇

A quick and unprofessional review.

In case you don’t know what is ‘Goblin’ : it’s a korean drama. And this is a review (sort of… might be more likely to a ‘what i think bout’ this film) for it.

I know it’s quite popular these days, and trust me, all of this post is not gonna be about ‘please watch it, it is the best’, just gonna be explain why I like it so much (pretty like my diary).

Let’s get in :

💫 Firstly, I want to say that I’m not a picky  audience. Me picking something to watch just gonna be like : ‘um, what’s trending huh ?’so don’t expect a super deeply emotional review .

💫Secondly, again, I’m not a picky audience and also not really care about the cast (i mean about, their acting skill, technique all of that detail, trust me, i can only tell that Twilight’s cast was the worst at acting, that’s all) so, don’t angry because of my non-professional at reviewing 😝.

💫 Finally in, I want to talk about the content, the story first. It is sad, very sad, all of its funny moments’re just make it even sadder.

Kim Shin is a goblin (dokkaebi) which is a kind of god/guardian that have powers (plus, is handsomeness is one of his powers ?) to help people and as well as be their guardian, protect them. He has an immortal life (which is the main tragedy of the whole story).

He once said in the film : “I have thought that this life is a present, but now I get it, it’s a punishment.”  Kim Shin used to be a warrior of Goryeo, he was punished (by God) because he’s killed too many humans (still, as a warrior, to protect the country, that punishment was so rude, what about Napoleon ?).

Eun Tak, the main female character, who is destinied to be the goblin’s bride (which is meant to take his sword out and rescue him from his immortal life, she’s a gift from god to Kim Shin, to end his punishment) , like it was her fate, you know the difference between ‘bride’ and ‘lover’ (get it ?) .Anyway, but they (the ShinTak) fall in love (Shin might get the wrong idea of ‘a gift from god’ 😝 *must be*) and most of the first half of the drama was how they falling for each other and then fans drooling for them.

Okay, you might started wonder, then who is the guy with a ‘vulgar’ hat in the beginning of this blog. He’s Wang Yeo (you can call him Kim Woo Bin also, or can even name him) – another reason explained Shin’s punishment.

Wang Yeo’s previous life is Shin’s king (he’s a warrior, remember ?).Because of his selfishness and rivalry with Kim Shin, he ordered to kill Shin and his whole family inclued Shin’s sister – the one he loves and also Sunny after she recainate. And that’s why he become a Grim Reaper / Angel of Death.

The drama was in fantasy genre. The whole filming style was slightly greyish, a bit dreary, especially about Shin’s personality. He’s desperated for so long that you can’t even tell if he’s still sad.Til the end, he’s still just a lonely, shining goblin.

Let’s talk about their love.It’s so beautiful. At first it was fate, a compulsory relationship then naturally want to be together, to be as one. The thing that he has an immortal life just reminds me of Twilight’s Edward.

Alot have said that they don’t like the film because the main couple looks like father and daughter. But I think Gong Yoo have done a great job with this character. He has a classic-handsome look which is what mainly make him different. Like a gentlement, it’s been so long that I see that type of character on K-drama. He brings Shin to life, I feel like he is so into the character and nobody could replace him in Kim Shin’s role. Just like how Eun Tak says : ‘A man with sad eyes. Who is strange and beautiful. My type (mine too girl)’.

And about Go Eun, she does the job, completely but not so impressive as Gong Yoo.

I like this film also because it was mature. Since the main character was literally 939 years old, there’s no teenage-mistake. Everything was so grown up and just unlike any films I’ve seen before.


I’ll end this blog here. Hopefully you like it. And btw, my favorite song in the Goblin OST is Love by Mamamoo.What’s yours ?



Undiscovered Youtubers

*this is not sponsoring, trust me nobody ever hired me for sponsor*

Have you ever feel just tired of being known just a few super duper “fancy popular youtuber” that everybody know ? Have you ever feel bored of those all-similar-type-of-vid-over-and-over-again ? (no offense)

💫 Jem 💫

💫 not only a great source of motivation for study but i’m surely that you’re gonna automatically fall for her unique style of editing.

💫the music in her videos are “👌” on point (pretty sure you can’t find out the music she used but you can dirpy it)

💥oh my god, her editing is so amazing, and you should probably check out her what’s on my iphone vid .

💥i will say that her videos are pretty normal, not too fancy, not too ‘trying to be related’.

✨ Squishyturtorialsx ✨

link to her channel

✨if you’re interested in editing then go ahead and subscribe to squishy,

✨her videos’s editing was not too special but the content is rich and i feel like i know literally everything about editing when I watch her vids.

✨she has some really cool life hacks and turtorials that will be really useful if you like editing or just simply love to explore new stuff.

🔅Conan Gray 🔆 (link to his channel)

💯 oh my gosh he is so freaking cool, if you like calm, smooth and slow vlog or talking video, you’re gonna love him I bet.

His music is so good too (he is a real talent) I really like the song The Other Side (anyone else?).

He does videos about teenage problem, since he is going to college now he usually just do vlog but who cares, his aesthetic is like auto in every single thing he do.


I’m gonna end this blog here.

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