Guide Pack: Recover after Bad Exam

Hi, if you’re reading this while you’re desperatedly waiting for exam result and you know it’ll not be ‘as good as how much effort you’ve spent’, i got you girl (or guy). Believe me, you don’t even need to read this blog to learn how to get through it, like, you’ll defenitely get through it naturally but I just want to write a few lines to help you feel related and may help you feel better. 

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Bad exam *erm*, it happens everybody, like literally every single one. You’re sad, well that’s normal. I admit I’m not the best one at cheering someone up or even cheering myself. But when I have bad exam, I just usually think about how much I’ve tried and what I gain after that bad exam. “If you didn’t make that mistake, will you ever have a chance to recognize it ?” Maybe yes, maybe no but just take it as your luck that you’ve recognized it early, then you’ll not make it again in your later more important exam.

So why would you’re so sad about it ? Many reasons explain it, but mainly, because you feel like you’re disappointing. You disappointed your parents, your teacher (blah blah) and most important, yourself. Nothing’s worse than making a mistake that you don’t even know how or why you did that. But you know what ? It’s over, it’s not that you’ve already losen but being sad doesn’t count in the exam. Yup and you still feel sad. But you will better very soon because you have to know, i don’t how or what have you done with your exam but I’m sure that you’ve tried your best so, whatever happens, won’t matters.

There’s absolutely nothing to regret.

I’m not usually regretting. To be clear, I’ve never regreted about whatever I’ve done. It’s not because I’ve never made mistake or never failed but I always do my best, do my most properly. 

Sometimes, it’s just the matter of luck.

We don’t have the ability to know the future (but I think sometimes I do have ?), so being missing a little bit of luck is normal. Once, I was considering between answers A and B, and I bet the whole class don’t know what’s the exact answer, I chose A, someone else chose B. Unfortunately, A was wrong. See, sometimes, it’s just the matter of luck.

What I usually do to refresh myself :

  • Take a nap: a quick nap (or hibernating sometimes) is the best meditation .
  • If you can’t nap, take a bath or just simply wash your face (water will wake you up).
  • Watch your favorite movie (i mean by a movie not a series)
  • Learning what you actually interested in and you’re good at.
  • Drink lots of water (it’s good for health btw)

~ Okay, I’ll end it right here. Hope you’re feeling better now.




First Words …

The very first few words

Hi guys, I’m Krystal, yup i totally understand that the one who is reading this, is don’t have any interest in my blog, but anyway, i’d love to change your mind.

Pretty sure my blog is just about what I think about stuff and my suggestions, experiences…

Let’s have a great journey together ^^.

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